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Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Jan 09 - St Marks Crab Feed

2011 Jan 09 - St Marks Crab Feed
Stockton, CA

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Tonight there are three of us, Gobo, Sandra and me, headed to a Fund Raiser at the local St Mark's United Methodist Church in Stockton which has a largely Chinese-American congregation.
Gordon, an old time friend from childhood days, Sandra and Gobo

It is already quite crowded inside

Another view

Gordon is a part-time entertainer who now resides in Fresno but his family has strong ties to the church. His sister is one of the people running the event and his mother is here helping out also.
Gordon did not even eat he provided background music for the entire dinner.
Gordon's daughter sings a duet with her father

The salad being set out for the servers.

People have taken their assigned seats and are readying to eat.

Gobo eating his salad using the disposable chop sticks that we brought from home.

The noodles.

Our server bringing out the first pan full of crab.

The crab and a few of the dipping sauces.

Our table mates starting in on the crab.

Also a big bowl of steamed rice to eat along with the crab.

Gobo won the table prize a bag of Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares which we would have for our dessert.

Oranges and fortune cookies were the dessert for the Crab Feed.

Gordon's sister Judy talking to someone. As the Raffle winners are being announced.

It is still only about 7:30 PM as the crowd leaves, but it is really dark outside.

Some of our table mates with their raffle winnings going home.

Sandra and Gobo heading for the car.

Another meal comes to an end.



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