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Thursday, March 24, 2011

2011 Mar 24 - Good Friends Chinese Buffet

2011 Mar 24 - Good Friends Chinese Buffet
Valley Springs, CA

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Today is not an official Gobo's Lunch Bunch event, but our school mate Pat wanted to try the Chinese Buffet. So as a last minute thing I mentioned at the last Lunch Bunch to see if anyone wanted to join the party. Miles and Ora, Patti and Elsa and her Mom decided to meet up in Valley Springs.
Ora, Pat and Miles as Miles and Ora are the first to arrive

Elsa, her Mom and Patti arrive about 5 minutes after Pat and I got there.
Ora, Miles, Elsa, Mom and Patti

Since it is a buffet we started in shortly after everyone arrived.
Elsa getting her Sweet and Sour Soup

It was cold, windy and rainy today so everyone but me started with soup.
Everyone else had a bowl of soup but my plate is full of food

Elsa's Mom and Elsa

Somebody's first plate of food

Another person's plate

Still one more different plate

This is my second plateful of food

Eating and talking

Talking and eating

The sushi is pretty good for a buffet and a Chinese Buffet at that

They even have 6 different 5 gallon tubs of real ice cream and sherbet for dessert.
I use a soup bowl for my toasted almond ice cream and a couple of small Jin Dui's.

I think almost everyone had a scoop of ice cream.
The regular ice cream dish and some cake

After eating for some time we sat around and shot the breeze for a good long time.

Pat and Patti and I were suppose to ride to Valley Springs and back, but Elsa happened to be close to Patti's home leaving Stockton. So Patti had ridden to Valley Springs with Elsa and Elsa's Mom.

Heading back home though Patti is riding with me but she wants to stop in Lockeford at a grocery store that has a Deli that sells great Garlic Chicken. So we stop at the store in Lockeford when Patti finally remembers that the name of the grocery store with the Garlic Chicken is named Rinaldi's. She realizes that we are not in the correct store. But I know that Rinaldi's Market is in Linden and not Lockeford. So we wind through the back way into Linden and the Deli inside Rinaldi's before heading home.

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