Gobos Lunch Bunch 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2011 Apr 26 - Wool Growers

2011 Apr 26 - Wool Growers Basque Restaurant
Los Banos, CA

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Two of the Lunch Bunch, Linda and I are meeting up with Sherm and Cranky in Los Banos at the Wool Growers Basque Restaurant.
The plaque above the bar entrance

Tuesday is the one day that pig's feet are served along with the rest of the meal. And today is a Tuesday.
Cranky, Sherm, Linda and Sherm's wife Pat

Pat, Linda, Cranky and Sherm

There is no menu just your choice of the main course, which is always lamb chops, pork chops or baked chicken. Today there is one additional choice fried fish.
Soup, beans and bread

Salad is just ice berg lettuce from the nearby Salinas Valley with a very tasty dressing

French fries, pig's feet in tomato sauce, empty plate of pig's feet in the salad dressing
They also served a bowl of lamb stew

My baked half a chicken

Cranky's two pork chops

The plate of lamb chops for one person

Cranky and Linda eating

Pat eating while Sherm is taking photos

On pig's feet day you need to keep your soup bowl to toss the bones.
This is my soup bowl

Linda decides to hold up the remains of the dishes after we have finished eating.
What is left of the lamb stew

The platter of French fries and leftover beans

The aftermath of lunch

On the way home right at the entrance to Hwy 99 we spot an interesting panhandler. Actually we had seen him hours earlier on our way to Los Banos. But this time we are stopped by the signal light and take his photo.
An honest pan handler



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