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Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 May 12 - Doc's BBQ

2011 May 12 - Doc's Q in Pit Stop
Modesto, CA

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Today is a return trip to Doc's Q in Pit Stop in Modesto since Linda requested it and missed our first trip.

Link to our first Lunch Bunch at Doc's

Then it turns out that Linda gets sick. So today we are 6. Ken drives Patti, Gobo and me to Modesto via I-5 to Hwy 120 to Hwy 99 while Miles and Ora drive down Hwy 99 in their car.
Doc's catering wagon parked in back

Gobo talking to the barbecuer

A peek inside the Pit

A look through the other Pit door

The main menu

Doc is late to work but here is wife Tanya busy with the customers.

It turns out that this is Ken's first time at Doc's.
Gobo, Ken and Miles

Now Miles and Ora are the last to order but they get their food first.
Patti, Gobo, Ken, Miles and Ora

Meanwhile as is my wont I take a picture of the next tables lunch plates.
A two-way combo with ribs and tri-tip and sweet potato fries and coleslaw

Brisket with mac and cheese and sweet potato fries

Here are Ora and Miles lunches. Ora has the tri-tip with coleslaw and mac and cheese while Miles has the Chicago Style Pulled Pork Sandwich.
Chicago Style means a layer of coleslaw over the pulled pork

Patti and Gobo have the exact same brisket with the sauce on the side with coleslaw and mac and cheese

Miles sandwich is too big so he is eating it with a fork

Ken has the two-way chicken and tri-tip. The tri-tip is under the chicken. His sides are beans and potato salad.

Looks like I forgot to take a photo of my Three Rib lunch with coleslaw and sweet potato fries.

Miles trying to get a bite of his sandwich in his mouth.

Ken can not possibly finish all his food

Miles has already finished as the rest of us continue to eat and talk.

Patti had leftovers to take home.
I had to take home a rib too - my plate on lower right

Ken did finally clean up his plate of food

Ken even bought an order of peach cobbler to go.

This is what you will see heading west bound on Maze Blvd which is also Hwy 132. It is just three blocks west of Hwy 99.

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