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Sunday, October 9, 2011

2011 October 9 - Dinner at Hunan Gardens

2011 October 9 - Dinner at Hunan Gardens
Elk Grove, CA

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Tonight is a Sunday and our High School class of 1961 has just had our 50 Year Reunion on Friday Night and Saturday afternoon.

But four classmates, Gobo and Walt and Dickie and I are having dinner with Gobo's wife Sandra, his mother-in-law Rose and Dickie's wife Chris. Sandra and Walt are siblings making Rose the mother of both of them.

We are meeting in Elk Grove, CA at the Hunan Garden Chinese restaurant. The restaurant is in a strip mall along Elk Grove Blvd.
8527 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove, CA 95624

One specialty of the house is their Peanut Duck, which is a steamed and pressed duck which is then flash deep fried placed on a bed of lettuce then covered in a sauce and garnished on top with crushed peanuts.

The gai-lan (Chinese broccoli) with oyster sauce.

The shrimp with asparagus.

The Chinese roast chicken.

We also had two additional dishes but my photos were not fit to post.

On to the people pics.
Chris and Dickie

Gobo and Sandra

Walt and his mother Rose

The whole table

The graduates of Edison High School, Stockton, CA - Class of 1961

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