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Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 October 10 - Mi Ranchito

2011 October 10 - Mi Ranchito
Stockton, CA

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Today Gobo, Miles and I are having lunch with Dickie and his wife Chris from Honolulu, HI and Gobo's wife Sandra and her brother Walt. Dickie and Chris are staying at Walt's home during their visit to attend our 50 Year High School Class Reunion.

Dickie and Walt went through school together from Kindergarten through High School. Gobo started a year later but then skipped the Third Grade and joined the other two. Meanwhile it was not until the Seventh Grade that I went to the same school as the other three. Although Dickie and I were both born in Rohwer War Relocation Center, AR some eight days apart.

Since Honolulu has a lack of any decent Mexican restaurants we are meeting at Mi Ranchito. Walt and Sandra grew up in a home less than a block from Mi Ranchito. Dickie grew up in a home just over a block away. Gobo's home was a more distant 6 blocks from Mi Ranchito and I grew up a distant mile and a half from here.
Gobo walking to the entrance

Actually Gobo and I have breakfast here at irregular intervals.
They used to be closed on Tuesdays but now are open for half a day

From the back of restaurant toward the front

The Lunch Bunch has not had a lot of recent events so Gobo has to reacquaint himself with Miles as Chris smiles

Miles, Gobo, Walt, Sandra, Chris (hidden) and Dickie

Sandra, Chris and Dickie

Our waiter volunteers to take a Group photo.
That's me in the center rear

Miles, Gobo and Walt

Dickie, Miles and I were all in the College of Engineering at the University of California back in the Fall of 1961. In fact it was at Berkeley where Dickie and I met Miles most likely in the Game Room of the Student Union.

Of the three only Miles graduated from UC with a degree in Engineering. Dickie after two years at Cal joined the Air Force for four years. He eventually returned to get his degree in Accounting from UC and has a successful Accounting firm in Honolulu. I did not graduate from UC but went back to junior college and then to San Francisco State to get my BS.
Dickie, Don and Miles

Okay. Now to the Food Photos:
My Mexican scramble - eggs, onions, tomatoes and JalepeƱos with rice and fries

Miles and Sandra had the taco and enchilada lunch plate

Gobo had his usual bacon and eggs with a side of Ranchero sauce.
Breakfast is served all day.

Dickie and Chris had the chile verde with rice and whole beans

Walt had the Chorizo and eggs with diced potatoes and whole beans

After a bunch of after lunch chit chat we left the restaurant. Dickie was going around the block to show Chris the lot of the home where he grew up.
Sandra pans for the camera

The group minus Walt who was the last one out

Gobo stopped around the block so I could snap a photo of the lot where Dickie's home once stood.
The home was razed by eminent domain when an overpass over the railroad tracks was being erected.

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