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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 October 11 - Student Chef

2011 October 11 and 18 - Student Chef
Stockton, CA

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Today just three of Gobo's Lunch Bunch are headed to the Student Chef located on the campus of San Joaquin Delta College, the Community College in Stockton, CA. The Lunch Bunch usually makes at least one visit every semester but somehow managed to miss the Spring term of 2011.

Kenny and Elsa headed from the parking lot to the Student Chef

The first page of this term's Menu

The second page

The head of the Culinary Arts Department is Mark Berkner who also owns and operates two restaurants in the nearby foothills.
Mark Berkner is the person in the center of the photo

The rustic Italian bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Now Elsa has the Butternut Squash Soup and Kenny and I have the Duck Tacos for starters. But I was too anxious to try the tacos and forgot to take photos. :-(
Both items were excellent.

I did take a picture of a Delta Burger from the next table.
Half pound fresh patty with fries

Elsa and I have the Eggplant Cannoli as our Main
grilled eggplant, aged goat cheese, herbs, tomato caper sauce

Kenny has the Grilled Pork Chop.
rye bread pudding, red cabbage, sauce robert

Another neighboring table has the Marinated Flank Steak.
potato scallion cake, grilled mushroom salsa

And then for dessert Elsa and Kenny had the Lemon Eclairs.
whipped cream and raspberries

While I had the Roasted Apple Creme Brulée.
local organic apples and vanilla bean

Another wonderful lunch at the Student Chef.

~end of October 11th

October 18, 2011

Three of us head back to the Student Chef to purchase Winter Buffet tickets, but the Printer does not have them ready yet. :-(
Elsa and Patti entering the side entrance to Danner Hall

We get there early enough to be seated without a Reservation

It is a nice day in the mid 70's as a group is eating on the Patio.
I will be taking photos of some of their dishes

The Menu has a few minor changes since last week,

Pumpkin cheesecake has replaced the eclairs

All of the salad ingredients are grown locally.
This is a wonderful Delta Pear Salad from the Patio Table

The Mushroom Bruschetta also from the Patio Table

Elsa and I have the Duck Tacos which today had Napa cabbage instead of cabbage

Elsa and I skipped the Main and had a bunch of Starters and dessert.
Elsa and I both have the Polish Stuffed Cabbage

Here the girls are eating the wonderful bread.

Patti has the Salmon which she said was delicious

The Eggplant Cannoli which today is served on top of sliced squash

Now we are eating the Main course.

A photo of our server working a Patio Table.

Inside there is a display of the three dessert choices.

The Apple Bread Pudding from the Patio Table

We all had some Pumpkin Cheescake

As I was paying my check the cashier pointed to the Shrimp Po' Boy which was on the Menu at the Student Chef take-out. You can also order anything from the take-out inside the restaurant.

Well it looks like we will have to make another return trip in about two weeks to buy our Winter Buffet tickets.
Elsa and Patti in Shima 1 parking lot heading to my car



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