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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011 December 7 - Winter Buffet

2011 December 7 - Winter Buffet at the Student Chef
Stockton, CA

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Today is the Annual Winter Fundraiser for the Culinary Arts Department at San Joaquin Delta College the local community college here in Stockton.

This will be the third in a row for the Lunch Bunch to attend. But only three of the Lunch Bunch are attending Ken, Elsa and I. But we will be joined by Holden and his wife Winnie.
Holden, Elsa, Winnie and Ken

We have the first sitting at 11:00 AM but we are a bit early so need to wait for the student staff to have everything ready.

This pretty lady is an instructor and mans the cash register at the Student Chef. She will be collecting the tickets today.

This is Mark Berkner who is the Chief Instructor for the Culinary Arts Department. He also owns and operates two restaurants located in the adjacent Amador County. His fancier one is Restaurant Taste.

The salad table

The sushi table

Sauted chicken

Slow roasted pork

Vietnamese salad roll

Beef satay

Poached whole salmon

Endives and crositini

Homemade sausage and sliced duck and duck pate

Boneless Tur-Duc-Ken (Turkey, chicken and duck) Roast

Oysters on the half shell, poached prawns and an ahi appetizer

A roast suckling pig and prime rib

Since I am busy taking photos Elsa and Ken are the first to get their food. Since we had 5 we had to split up onto two tables. So Holden and Winnie are at the adjoining table.

But not to be out done I quickly gathered my first plate of food.
Actually I think this is a photo of my second plate of food :-)

It is really hard to choose what to eat so we all take a little bit of almost everything.

This is Art who is a golfing friend of ours.

Another set of golfers are Tom and Susan.

Winnie is trying out the butter squash soup.

About Noon we are entertained by the school chorale singing a few Christmas Carols.

Then it is time for dessert.

That is bread pudding in the big chafing dish but it was a bit on the disappointing side. The other desserts were much better.

Those are both Elsa's plates

We all use a big plate rather than the small dessert plates.

I think this is Holden's second plate of desserts

All good things must come to an end so after a little over an hour and a half of eating we leave this year's Winter Buffet.
Art and his wife Barbara heading to the parking lot

Holden, Winnie and Elsa. Ken took a potty break before heading out.



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